Zookie Land Live Resin

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6 reviews for Zookie Land Live Resin

  1. Shirley F. Albright

    I’m a heavy user and it definitely does the job with just one J. I am still able to function and it doesn’t give me couch lock. It gives me more of a body high which I prefer, it’s very relaxing with your favorite music if i do say so myself. 😌👌🏾

  2. Andrew C. Stinson

    If you get your hands on some of this rare strain, don’t pass up the opportunity. Originally born out of an accidental pollination at alien genetics, this true hybrid 50/50 strain. Though it’s heady and sedentary. No couch locking either as I’m still motivated and ready to go. Just relaxing in the meantime. It’s that good. 5⭐️

  3. Ana C. Dustin

    No paranoia. No anxiety. Just relaxation of the mind and still able to move my body and function. Great for a relaxing evening whilst still needing to be productive.

  4. Rhonda R. Johnson

    Anxiety went out the window ! I think I’ve found my fav strand 😍

  5. Nicholas A. Pack

    This is my fav top 3 for sure…. Love the smell and has a perfect high for me…. Perfect for chillen wit the main biatch at the pad….

  6. Emily A. Rogers

    A well balanced hybrid with strong cookie undertones.

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