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There are only a handful of strains in the world, that have gained the notoriety achieved by White Widow. A potent hybrid, that had incredible flavor and was easy to grow. White Widow quickly became a popular strain among consumers and growers alike. It first made its appearance in the cannabis scene in the mid-nineties. and has gone on to obtain legendary status among cannabis consumers around the world.

Its true origins are only suspected, as many have claimed to have been the first to breed White widow. What is suspected, is that the first White Widow came from the Green House Seed Company and master grower Shantibaba. It is also believed, that the first White Widow was a cross between two landrace strains. A Brazilian sativa and an Indian indica, however, the uncertainty behind the original parents has left this strain shrouded in mystery.

White Widow flowers into dense, pale green buds, with their famous white coating of trichomes. spreading out onto the surrounding leaves. The appearance is hard to overlook, as White Widow tends to stand out in any grow. As a stable cross of landrace genetics, this strain is resistant to swings in climate and can thrive with less care than most other strain. This makes it a great choice for your garden if you are just starting to develop your green thumb.


The smell of White Widow is incredibly pungent and savory, with some piney undertones and just a hint of spice. Once smoked, the delicious flavor is sweet and fruity, and it leaves behind a slightly sugary aftertaste. Despite White Widow’s sweet flavor, it definitely packs a punch so coughing might be inevitable.

Immediately after smoking, you will experience a burst of energy and euphoria leaving you feeling uplifted, conversational, and creative. If you have any anxiety or stress, you can kiss that goodbye after a few puffs of white widow.

However, after a while the effects become heavier and you may end up stuck on the couch for a while. if you’re not already engaged in some sort of activity. Of course, whether or not you’re couch locked depends on many factors. How you consume it (smoke, vape, edibles, etc.), your tolerance level, and how it’s grown.





15g, HP, OZ, Pound, QP


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