Tropicana Cookies Strain

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Tropicana Cookies Strain

With parents like GSC and the far-out phenotype Tangie, the taste of Tropicana Cookies strain makes sense. The sweet and earthy aroma of their love child comes from the Cookies side and the citrus from the momma, Tangie.

This baby’s buds smell like ripe clementines and hit the palette with a tangy and sour orange candy high note. There’s an earthy hint of diesel in there too, but it’s overwhelmed by the zesty orange, but you still taste the sour when exhaling smoke.

The flavor of Tropicana Cookies is as noticeably citrusy as its smell. The strain’s complex sativa terpene profile and an impressively high 20%-25% THC level, leave smokers riding a creamy tangerine-flavored dream for hours.

Tropicana Cookies Appearance

They say that you eat first with your eyes. The same is true about the Tropicana Cookies strain, which is beautiful to behold. The dense buds are heart-shaped and shiny with purple and orange and glistening with citrusy limonene terpenes.

Growers like the plant’s adaptable, vigorous and easy-to-train nature. The Tropicana Cookies strain grows well indoors and out as long as you prepare for a big plant.

This award-winning strain was created by the iconic Oni Seed Company and Oni Noodles founder, Harry Palms. They focus on insanely-flavored strains, producing seeds of elite phenotypes for sale to the emerging market of legal growers. Order here

6 reviews for Tropicana Cookies Strain

  1. Melvin K. Stapleton

    Awesome product and fast delivery during the strike. A+

  2. Gloria R. Ellis

    Very good deal for even better products.

  3. Richard F. Lucio

    Always a good deal

  4. Brenda T. Ashford

    That is one heck of a deal!

  5. Leigh A. Futch

    Love this package, different strains at great prices

  6. Shirley E. Wright

    Very Good weed for a Good price.

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