Potato Runtz Strain


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Potato Runtz Strain

Potato Runtz Strain is an  evenly balanced hybrid known as Runtz (50/50) is one of cannabis’ most famous monas. rchIts phenotypes are numerous and its flavors are practically synonymous with Los Angeles. It comes from a handsome lineage that includes Zkittlez and Gelato strains and is currently taking the Colorado bud market by storm. Dispensaries across the state are getting in on the Runtz game, encouraging people to finally see what all the “buzz” is about.


Runtz is not the easiest strain to obtain in seed form due to its desirability. But if you do get your paws on that sweet citrusy goodness, you’ll be delighted to learn that Runtz grows pretty much anywhere, for growers of any experience level. It grows ambitiously “upwards,” as you might have guessed from the height measurement we gave, and in its natural growing pattern doesn’t spread out a whole lot. Those who want to encourage lateral growth can use the Screen of Green method to tease the plant into a more manageable growing pattern. We recommend being generous with the nitrogen in Runtz’s growing environment if you want to start tapping its true potential.

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Compared to traditional Cookies cuts, the Runtz strain grows light and wispy. Its trichomes jut out and grow in stringy calyxes that have a kind of alien charm all their own. The plant flowers in 8-9 weeks, harvests at the end of September, and can reach heights of 180cm when grown outside. Yields are good – about 450-500g per square meter of garden whether it’s grown outside or in.


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