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white runtz price, Cannabis goes through the placenta and can slow the development of the embryo. runtz strain price, Cannabis use during pregnancy is additionally connected with youth leukemia and variations from the norm in the baby


7 reviews for PINK RUNTZ CARTS

  1. Michael S. Brown

    I have to say that the review that got me to try this is the one that says it will have you talking to your forehead. I am pretty heavy smoker, and I smoked this with a friend, and we stood around like we were back in high school. giggling like a mf, standing around eating chips out of a bowl that she was holding. just smiling at each other and giggling. her husband came in and thought we were the most adorable things on earth. the very first hit had the knot in my shoulder unwinding. one of my all-time top favorite strains.

  2. Verla L. Mena

    this will have you talking to your forehead

  3. Clifford P. Norwood

    Ummm lemme sum it up, a lot of ppl get fake runtz especially pink and white ect. When your in states such as California, Colorado, and other legal states a lot of dispensary’s carry this, so to the ppl who get hype real stuff this is a great strain for quarantine and playing video games etc.

  4. Donna W. Beck

    just had a blunt. and i feel amazing. i feel it in my head and my body. great to just relax

  5. William M. Garrison

    Love this strain it’s all I wanna smoke!

  6. Ann D. Aguirre

    I love this strain. Felt very happy upbeat and giggly. Go to strain for sunny days

  7. John S. Jones

    even keel high, meets you where you are. good for day or night.

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