Pink Candy Strain

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Pink Candy Strain

Pink Candy Strain sometimes known as Pink Candy Kush, has been on our radar heavily this week. Several gifting companies here in DC have it on the menu, and our experience with this exciting exotic strain made it a top priority to write about and spread the word. This bud packs a powerful punch of THC and promotes some mouth wateringly sour tropical flavors. Best of all, it’s sativa-dominant effects make it a great choice for long-lasting effects at any time of day. Here’s our strain profile and brief review of the Pink Candy strain, covering everything you need to know from lineage to phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

Pink Candy: Background 

Pink Candy (AKA Pink Candy Kush) is an 80/20 sativa-dominant cross between Stinky Pinky and Cotton Candy. It was first propagated by New420Guy Seeds in an attempt to create a super potent and uplifting strain with the unique flavor profiles of the two parent strains. They were successful, as the Pink Candy strain embodies the best traits of both sativas and its two parent strains, including a unique sweet and sour flavor profile, vibrant and colorful flowers, and a great mix of long lasting, uplifting effects that are sure to delight at any time of day. Checking in at a whopping 19-24% THC, Pink Candy and its vibrant pink flowers are a fantastic choice for medical patients and recreational users alike.


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7 reviews for Pink Candy Strain

  1. Rose B. Wallace

    One of my favorite. I really enjoyed this one. Great.

  2. Paul D. Jenkins

    What a great deal

  3. Travis J. Powell


  4. Amy R. Salgado

    Great option to get some top bud at a nice price and not have to buy all the same kind, it allows me to buy and try so I can find out which flavour is my favourite

  5. Tom C. Jiron

    great deal, amazing product, great smoke

  6. Roger T. Miller

    This is an awesome 2 OZ deal, with a wide selection of strains.

  7. David A. Hoggan

    Awesome product and fast delivery during the strike. A+

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