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Napalm grenades,West Coast legend Xzibit has placed his formal stake into California’s recreational cannabis industry with his Napalm Cannabis Co. Xzibit recently spoke with Respect My Region, commenting that: “we’re bringing the best elements of the cannabis industry into one place and creatively distributing into the marketplace.” The premier product from Xzibit and his Napalm Cannabis Co. is their Grenade 8g infused pre-roll.

With the intent of bringing something disruptive into the legal marketplace, the Grenade accomplishes that goal flawlessly. Even looking at the Grenade, you can tell it’s going to leave a lasting impression. The monster of a pre-roll comes housed in an extremely ornate glass grenade-shaped jar, enticing you to pull the pin.

What’s inside is even crazier; seven grams of premium indoor cannabis flower with one gram of live-resin mixed in and then rolled into special papers from Lift Tickets. The papers from Lift Tickets come infused with potent live-resin terpenes that make for an extra delicious dose of flavor. The glass tip at the end of the pre-roll ensures that you’ll be able to taste the cornucopia of terps.

Sparking it

Absolutely painless. Sure, any joint gets lit right away if you use a torch to light it, but the problem so many pre-rolls have is being stuffed too tightly, which will make it harder to get a proper burn going. You know those joints that just keep going out and end up wasting your weed, defeating the purpose of a quick pre-roll? Well this is the polar opposite. The Grenade lit up effortlessly, which was pretty insane considering how windy the location was.

The high

We personally felt ready for another as soon as it was gone, but in the way like being down for seconds after a bomb meal. Satisfying, but you’re not legit walking on the moon after. If could you burn through an 8th or more in a day, then you’ll probably agree. This aspect is always going to depend on the person tho, but you’ll for sure get nice and baked.


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