Mexican Style Hot Chocolate 100mg


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Chocolates, Energetic

Giggly, Happy

High Dosage ,Indica

Low Dosage ,Sleepy

Spicy/Herbal ,Tingly

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Mexican Style Hot Chocolate that’s perfectly infused with premium grade cannabis. Unlike hot chocolate, this chocolate bar is great any time of year. What makes it reminiscent of hot chocolate is this artisanal recipe’s low melting point, meaning every bite turns into a rich chocolatey cream right on the tip of your tongue. So, you get that same homey calm vibe without needing a single ounce of boiling water. This bar in particular tastes a lot like Christmas in your mouth with its grainy cinnamon undertones in a recipe that that dates all the way back to the Aztecs. Your spirits aren’t the only thing that will be high with this fantastic bar!

More than just a chocolate type. Created by first class chocolatiers. Immersed in the idea of delivering a taste that would bring back childhood memories to any Los Angeles native by incorporating traditional Mexican candies and deserts into their ingredients. Sabor : Mexican Style Hot Chocolate200 MG THC | 50 MG Per Serving | 17 MG Per Piece – Milk chocolate laced with cinnamon. The chocolate holds a spice filled taste with a grainy cinnamon feel.


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