London Pound cake strain

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What is the London Poundcake strain?

London Pound cake strain is named after its lemony, citrusy flavor and rich, creamy smoke. It’s a member of the ever-growing Girl Scout Cookie family, though not a whole lot is known about its exact lineage. We know it’s a cross between the famous Sunset Sherbet (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties), but we don’t know anything about the other parent other than the fact that it’s definitely a heavy-hitting indica-dominant strain. With that in mind, you can expect London Poundcake to put you flat on your butt, couch or bed negotiable. It offers some seriously unmatched potency ranging from 26-30% THC which makes it a great choice for a quiet evening in and a deep, relaxing sleep.

London Poundcake Strain Appearance

The London Poundcake strain is a beauty. It grows in standard indica fashion, branching outwards more than upwards. Her water leaves range from a dark emerald green to purplish black, depending on temperatures during her grow cycle. Her colas are dense and tightly packed, though covered thoroughly in sticky resinous trichomes. Dried nugs are dense, spade-shaped flowers that range from olive to sage green. From the blankets of THC-rich trichomes, bright orange pistils twirl out.

5 reviews for London Pound cake strain

  1. Christine J. Beal

    Once again ordered this awesome deal, now even cheaper, all the strains I picked were awesome.

  2. Sharon J. Weatherby

    Insane stuff. First order and i love it.

  3. Evelyn P. Clanton

    Pretty good flower for the price, very nice how you can choose your strains.Will consider again for sure!

  4. Annie C. Long

    Great price. Super happy with quality!

  5. John A. Young

    Loves different strains try em

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