Lemon OG live Resin Shatter

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6 reviews for Lemon OG live Resin Shatter

  1. Robert S. Lyman

    Lemon OG is great. I has a great taste, and gives one a sativa-like cerebral high, yet has the pain reducing and insomnia reducing effects of an indica. This is the best medical marijuana I have ever tried so far. They knocked this one out of the park.I have fibromyalgia and this helps me tremendously. Two thumbs up!!

  2. Ellen S. Murphy

    Fast onset, start feeling it as soon as you exhale with full effects after less than 10 minutes. Happy, euphoric, nostalgic. Play your old favorite video game on this or watch your old favorite move; you’ll be all smiles. Comedown is sleepy but not groggy. A personal favorite.

  3. Joy R. Landry

    legit I have been listening to one song for 40 minutes now on repeat and honestly the sounds different every time this shit is straight fire you guys

  4. Jennifer M. Melendez

    The bud is really sticky even though it looks dry. Smells amazing, the lemon aroma will get your mouth watery like it did to me. I was able to use my bong and do a bowl in one rip. Yep, I coughed for straight 30 seconds. The high was more uplifting at first. I felt light as a feather. Also with a feeling of face tingles, it was pretty ticklish. Then that face feel goes to your whole body but more intense. I’m just smiling, looking over at my friend. Just realizing he was talking to me the whole time, but I was just enjoying this high. Great body high overall, tingly and really relaxing.

  5. Gerald V. Smith

    Good high when you wanna chill snack and watch a movie 😁

  6. Nancy A. Howard

    really liked the high off of this. It came on quickly, the buildup is nice, then blast off to relaxation. I just took 4 hits on this and watched a thunderstorm while feeling so chill. Downside is the flavor of the smoke to me, but I also may have gotten some older bud.

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