Guava Cake strain

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Guava Cake strain

Guava Cake strain was made through a painstaking process of phenohunting and backcrossing. It was born through taking a cut of Gold Leaf, which is a phenotype of Wedding Cake, and crossing it with itself to promote more balanced effects and stronger flavors. This 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid promotes a very relaxed and mentally-elevating high that can leave you with a case of the giggles before sending you off into a deep and peaceful sleep. It boasts some mouth-wateringly sweet tropical fruit flavors with earthy undertones and contains a whopping 28-30% THC on average. With potency levels like this, Guava Cake should be reserved for seasoned smokers, as people with a lack of tolerance may experience anxiety or paranoia while enjoying it.

Guava Cake Cultivation 

Cultivating the Guava Cake strain isn’t unheard of, but it is a very rare strain and can be a bit difficult to find. The plants grow much like their Wedding Cake predecessor, producing dark green to purple water leaves and lots and lots of trichomes. Guava Cake is a high yielder, so it will require some type of trellis to support the large swollen colas towards the end of their life cycle. Take care to top and train early on to keep her growth manageable. As with many other uber-sticky strains, you’ll also want to watch out for mold and powdery mildew by keeping your air circulating and monitoring your humidity levels.


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8 reviews for Guava Cake strain

  1. Bobbie W. Combs

    This stuff is amazing! I feel very positive and uplifted, and the flavor is top of the line, for my standards! Piney, woody, sweet and diesel. I am purchasing more for sure! 5/5

  2. Bonnie C. Crabtree

    Great strain, Certified smoke from a bong and tastes amazing on a volcano! A little leafy-er than I’d like but for the sale price, no big deal. Smells great, tastes great and hits great

  3. Jamal M. Harris

    good weed very interesting taste

  4. Joseph P. Wicker

    always my personal favourite

  5. Antoine A. Enders

    Nice buds as always.

  6. Kym J. McVay

    great strain one of my favorite

  7. Andrea J. Conger

    great tasting,nice looking buds, great buzz .

  8. David B. Bogle

    Was expectig a better experience. That being said it smokes really smooth, and has a decent taste. The buds were inconsistant, some nice and dense and others like fluff.

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