Girls Scout Cookies Shatter

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9 reviews for Girls Scout Cookies Shatter

  1. Betty T. McGarry

    Wow best shatter ive ever smoke! Insane taste amazing buzz

  2. Clara M. Camarillo

    Awesome taste

  3. Kristen T. Bradley

    BANG en plein front, oh la la, c’est fort ça !

  4. Christine R. Williams

    Best stuff ever

  5. Elizabeth C. Ray

    I LOVE this product. It makes me talkative, happy, goofy, and generally in good spirits. Big fan of these girl scout cookies shatter

  6. Thomas J. Huff

    Woah this is amazing. It will send your mind on a helluva journey!

  7. Denisse A. Hurt

    This is some of the strongest and best tasting shatter I’ve ever had! The taste is amazing! Also very nice packaging. Thinking about getting on the every 2 week sub for this one so I can get it at a great price!

  8. Carla D. Leonetti

    Luv the cookies shatter. Flavor is delicious and it puts me in a sweet mood 🍪😍

  9. Valerie D. Flores

    I like this shatter because it gets me there without feeling “cracky”…potent shatter and smooth hitting.

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