Garlic Cookies Strain

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Garlic Cookies Strain

Garlic Cookies Strain is a super-potent 90/10 indica-dominant hybrid cross between the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain and the equally-beloved Chemdawg strain. It was first propagated by Divine Genetics who have taken home multiple cannabis cup awards for the strain, including 1st place for Best Indica Flower at the 2018 detroit caregivers cup. It’s best known for its unique garlic-esque aroma and its unmatched THC levels, ranging from 30-32% on average. These days, Garlic Cookies goes by “GMO” or “GMO Cookies”, though the original name of the strain is still in circulation. It’s a great choice for recreational users who appreciate a nice cerebral high with their full body relaxation as well as medical patients seeking relief from pain or depression.

Garlic Cookies Appearance 

GMO plants are gorgeous, especially during the flowering cycle when her flowers begin to produce trichomes and her water leaves change from green to orange or red or black. They grow a few major top colas that all break away into smaller, fluffy spade-shaped nugs. The color can be difficult to determine by harvest, as each flower is completely coated with a thick layer of trichomes that give the flowers a white, crystalline appearance. However, with close inspection you’ll find that the flowers are a nice shade of light green with contrasting hues of purple as well as a handful of electric orange pistils.



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12 reviews for Garlic Cookies Strain

  1. Roger E. Stuber

    Perfect afternoon into evening smoke. The body stone is rich and palpable however you do not lose yourself mentally during. Keeps you alert but relaxed, I usually smoke it before working out!

  2. Ruben M. Keele

    one of my favorite

  3. Wendy A. Chambers

    smoked VERY smooth! Taste was nice too. The high is pretty balanced too, leaning toward the cerebral but still chill. This is the kind of strain you want to take camping; it won’t stop you from doing stuff.

  4. Terrance P. McAlpine

    Very gassy smell. Hevay indica. Sedating

  5. Ryan J. Orchard

    Just ordered can’t wait to try it ! But this is my first review and I’ve been ordering off this site for a white I’ve never ever gotten disappointed I love this site

  6. Shelly T. Spurrier

    I like it

  7. Randall V. Burns

    Made me happy, ordered Cinderella 99 and it was good weed!!!!! Thx for the free gift!

  8. Russell C. Dike

    This way is good to try different stain I try trainwreck another great stain again.

  9. Don J. Butler

    Good way to try top shelf strains and get a little discount

  10. James R. Coomes

    Love this deal! Great product as well!

  11. James S. Campbell

    Picked out two of these 2 ounce deals and I was impressed!! I’ve tried numerous strains and I’m never disappointed with this company.

  12. Carolyn B. Phillips

    When you find 2 strains you just can’t get enough of…do yourself a favour and get this great deal

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