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Ether runtz strain also known as ether courtesy of alien dawg is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the cali connection. Ether strain is also known for its incredible pungent aroma which kicks so hard. Also, ether weed has THC content of between 14% and 21%.


When cured properly, this strain produces a fruity berry smell which makes you forget the horror of the flower. Ether may also relieve any lingering muscular tension or may facilitate deep, restorative breathing. Also, ether strain after combustion can give off a very thick and acrid smoke that can tickle the palate and sinuses. In addition, this strain can help with  temporarily relieve, stress, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, Ether can even work against insomnia, granting deep and therapeutic sleep. It can also soothe physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic.

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Ether kush can be gotten from our ever filled dispensary at any time as we do online sales. As soon as your order is placed we ship to you in a blink of an eye. Not forgetting, the well-rounded effects make it a great strain for enhancing the mind for more tedious task. So hurry and purchase this product to boost your daily life. With our dispensary around, Ether Runtz for sale will never be a problem.



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8 reviews for Ether Runtz Strain

  1. John J. Utley

    Crazy body high that was unreal. 7/7 best strain for muscle pain.

  2. Janet B. Cormier

    I’m ode sleepy that shit ode

  3. Teresa R. Melson

    This strain knocked me out. Highly recommended for insomnia.

  4. Susan C. Doyle

    Good night time strain and great for pain

  5. Bradley S. Waters

    This strain knocked me out. Highly recommended for insomnia.

  6. Tina S. McCleary

    I have an aversion to indicas but this strain actually makes me feel relaxed while keeping my mind active makes hungrier than a mf tho

  7. Andre T. Felan

    Absolutely soul melting mind bending amazing head trip and body sensations I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend if you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue or just a plain old good time👍🏾😁

  8. Lewis A. Taylor

    My 1st time having this strain on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 9 it has a lemon, berry , skunky effect far as taste. Also I must I’d nice nugs just a tab leafy though but you can’t go wrong with it! I had me high for 2 hours, I guaranty you that also the taste will be stuck to your taste buds having you thirsty for more!

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