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Durban poison varieties have been widely enjoyed since the 70’s. This strain originates from the South African port city, Durban. Breeders decided to travel there to explore what the South African sativas had to offer. The seeds were transported to Amsterdam where ganja scientists began breeding this cultivar with various green delicacies. Durban Poison derives from the original Durban, which was hybridized with indica genetics. This is a famous strain, many seedbanks may have their own versions of this sativa. Let’s check out what thissmoke has to offer.

The taste of Durban Poison is quite unique. The classic fruity Haze-like aromas are present, in addition to the spicy, anise and licorice scents, which add character to this sativa. The highs are considered as highly energetic, and uplifting. If one wishes to go hiking with mates or enjoy surfing, it is also a cool strain for these activities. Consumers of this strain also noted great focus after hitting that toke. Artists and creative humans can find inspiration and focus from this cultivar. Order here

In the beginning, it looks like an indica, comprising wide leaves. Although, at the end of the flowering period, one notices the sativa dominance. Growers praise this cultivar for its protective and resilient nature. The strain can reach approximately 2-3m, a classic sativa move. Experienced indoor growers can grow this strain, by using ScrOG methods, and string support techniques. Both indoor and outdoor growers receive bountiful yields. The flowering time takes about 8.5 weeks, which is a trait handed down from fast flowering indica genetics.


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