Crescendo Strain

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Crescendo Strain

The Crescendo Strain was named for the way its intoxicating high sweeps you up in a powerful trance that continues to build in potency as you fall deeper and deeper within its spell. If you are looking for a high-quality, potent strain then consider checking out the Crescendo Strain. If you are brand new to smoking, this strain is one where you should tread with caution. As their strain tests in at one of the highest THC levels on the market. For experienced smokers, this strain is like a dream. For everything you need to know about the Crescendo Strain, stay tuned and read along with this article if you want to learn more.

The Crescendo Strain Background

This musical strain was brought into existence for all of us to enjoy by Ethos Genetics located in Denver, Colorado. They crossbred I-95, Chemdog, and Mandarin Cookies to create this wonderful new strain of cannabis. The Crescendo Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with any of these parent strains, here’s some background. You can better understand how a new cannabis strain will function or look like by taking a look at its lineage and the traits the parent strains had. I-95 is a hybrid strain that is reported to make you feel focused, aroused, and energetic with tasty flavors like citrus and lemon with a hint of spice. Chemdog is another hybrid strain that promotes feelings of euphoria, happiness, and an overall sense of feeling uplifted. Its top reported flavors are a more earthy, skunky, and gasoline smell. Lastly, Mandarin Cookies is also a hybrid strain that has a more even-keeled blend between the sativa and indica traits. It makes people who smoke it feel relaxed while also feeling uplifted. The top reported flavors of this strain are citrus, earthy, and wood-like profile.

20 reviews for Crescendo Strain

  1. Judy B. Blackman

    Livrer dans les temps

  2. Karen R. Meyers

    Can’t go wrong with cherry

  3. Michele W. Patel

    One of the best wake me up Sativa strains I’ve had ! Even in the early morning, it’s a smooth smoke and such a great way to get going.

  4. Adele C. Barnes

    Totally caked A+ bud but not the best cherry pie I’ve seen.

    Pretty dry, would’ve liked to re-order but sold out quick.

    A pretty strong high, keeping you awake and functioning.

    Tastes and smells nice, A+

  5. Stephanie D. Fernandez

    It’s good but nothing special or memorable.

  6. Wayne S. Stewart

    Really good

  7. Harmony T. Borman

    personal fav
    ordering more

  8. Carol D. Doyle

    Nice smell and taste. Nice high. Reeeeeeal nice stuff.

  9. Carl J. Ward

    Good luck getting to sleep smoking this one. Very strong kick you in the balls get your ass moving type of sativa. I’d say it’s a great definition of “sativa effects”. Grown great and a must have for anyone looking for a clear headed high.

  10. David D. Taylor

    Great taste and nice buzz. Perfect for daytime use and gets u doing stuff…

  11. Paula J. Reiter

    A good mood booster with tendencies to giggle.

  12. Jose A. Gantz

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Very solid daytime bud. I’ll buy it again.

  13. Jeromy E. Waugh

    I’ve done this deal twice and plan on ordering again. Allows you variety and also the opportunity to try new top strains.

  14. James E. Miller

    The best deal so far 5/5

  15. Monica G. Buck

    Worth the price and helps with the pain

  16. Lisa M. Morales

    Best thing ever,I love variety and I can never pick what I want, this helps alot ???

  17. Tamatha J. Crane

    good way to get variety.

  18. Maria L. Murry

    Awesome Deal

  19. Viola E. Lanphear

    thanks for dooing it

  20. Mildred B. Abel

    was expecting some bigger buds but all in all good stuff.
    purple space cookies reminded me of the feeling i got playing the skidoo level in battletoads.

    OG deisel kush was very relaxing and looked amazing.

    Alaskan thunder f*ck was a nice even high .

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