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The Cherry Punch Strain Background

The Cherry Punch Strain is also known as Black Cherry Punch and is a hybrid cannabis strain that does have some leanings towards the sativa side, but maintains a nice level of balance between the two worlds. It was created by Symbiotic Genetics by breeding two popular and well-known cannabis strains together, Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch.

Cherry AK-47 is a rare, cherry-flavored version of the popular AK-47 strain. It is a potent hybrid that boasts a deep, reddish-purple coloration. Cherry AK-47 has a slow, creeping high that stimulates the mind before settling down into the body for total relaxation. Overall, this version of the AK-47 strain is well-balanced with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Purple Punch is a sweet and relaxing indica strain that is covered in a dense network of frosty trichomes. This strain has a wonderful candy, grape-flavored smell that almost tastes like blueberry muffins or Kool-Aid. Purple Punch is potent and works best for nighttime use as it helps in treating insomnia, stress, and body aches.

The Cherry Punch Strain commonly tests at around 23-24% THC which is quite significant as that puts this strain towards the top of the list when it comes to potent cannabis strains on the market.


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19 reviews for Cherry Punch Strain

  1. Heidi C. Brown

    Parfait, comme convenu

  2. Brian J. Stoker

    good but not the best crop

  3. Jimmy T. Hicks

    All I can say is OMG!!!!! This weed is soooooooo dank buds r nice n tight and covered in snow also it’s smells and tastes like cherry’s!!!! Highly recommended

  4. Kimberli S. McKenzie

    Not bad. Smells like cherry but tastes earthy. I liked it during the day cause there wasn’t much of a burnout effect afterwards.

  5. Young M. Noel

    Nice buds as always.

  6. Sheila H. Riddick

    Beautiful buds

  7. Jacob L. Birney

    Makes you laugh non stop. Perfect strain to share and great for pain management

  8. Jessica W. Laliberte

    The shipping was quick! On my 3rd order from this dispensary. I’m always satisfied with my orders thank you!

  9. Raymond P. Herrera

    Was very pleased with this purchase. The bud smells absolutely amazing, and it hits pretty hard for a sativa. The nugs were mid sized and cured extremely well (as always).

  10. John C. Bartlett

    Mild effects that don’t last very long. After max 1 hour you’ll have your eyes wide opened again. But the effects are positive and okay.

  11. Tammy C. Adkins

    Awesome strain. Me and the girlfriend both enjoy it.

  12. Una T. Watt

    Good Bud GS…..but your seasoned users should agree….you have better on your site.

    A great sativa strain but I found the buzz just didn’t last with me as long as I felt it should…still 4/5 stars

  13. Brian V. Wall

    This is my sisters favorite strain, it’s name is very accurate because we couldn’t stop giggling the whole time we smoked this. Very dry tight bud and lots of Cheech.

  14. Bradley A. Clair

    Selection is always so good. Never disappointing. This is our go to.

  15. Jordan H. Gibson

    Helpful way to find some strains that you like without having to buy large quantities. Also helps spread out tolerance to specific types

  16. Ken S. Moseley

    Great price for some great weed

  17. Adam G. Turner

    This is a good way to try out the top brands to see what you like the best

  18. Susan R. Overton

    Great selection with a great price

  19. Vicki H. Jenkins

    greats deal a lots of flavor

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