Charlottes Web Extra Strength

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Charlottes Web Extra Strength

Charlottes Web Extra Strength produces what’s called full-spectrum CBD oil meaning they incorporate compounds from the entire plant rather than just an isolate of CBD. the reasoning being that whole-plant-derived products are said to work better because of the “entourage effect” in the body. Anyway, one of those compounds is a trace amount of the psychoactive THC.

The legal limit is just 0.3 percent, but for some people, evidently, 0.3 percent is not nothing: “We all have a different threshold for compounds like THC,” Stanley noted. When I’m not macrodosing, the only negative side effect I’ve noticed is a slight increase in appetite. Otherwise, this is the most calming thing I’ve done since yoga — and even my yoga teacher said she’s noticed a whole new energy in me.



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5 reviews for Charlottes Web Extra Strength

  1. Jacqueline K. McGee

    Very please with my order & customer service

  2. Kendra R. Stewart

    Better sleep! Company has great customer service!

  3. Ana J. Haugen

    I have tried many other CBDs over the years and always come back to this one. I do not have to try any more. This works and consistently and I wouldn’t want to be without it.

  4. Adam P. Maldonado

    The best CBD Oil I have ever used!!

  5. Harry M. Larson

    I just started with this product an what I heard from some people that this product works I just had to try it I’ve tried everything so I want to try this I’ll give you guys update on it as I continue to use it

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