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CBD-Soft-Gels-1:1-CBD-THC relaxes, soothes your body, recover from exercise, or promote a restful night’s sleep with our 1:1 ratio of soft gel capsules. The 1:1 ratio includes full-spectrum cannabis that is equal parts CBD, THC, and contains the minor cannabinoids THCa and CBD a in a convenient, simple capsule. Easy to dose, and potent, the 1:1 is perhaps our most popular ratio. Designed for experienced cannabis users and those looking for unwinding in the evening or needing a good night’s sleep. We’ve included coconut oil into our formula to support absorption in the body.

1:1 full spectrum capsules are equal parts CBD and THC and provide a balance of mind and body, with all the benefits of CBD and the psychoactive impact of THC. Vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free, these capsules are mixed with healthful raw coconut oil for maximum benefit and absorption. This product is great for those seeking stronger relief. Proof’s 1:1 is unique in the market with its very high potency of THC and CBD per bottle, and is always compassionately priced, so that the products combine real affordability along with high potency and unmatched quality.


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