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The Canniatric™ CBD and hemp line was created for children with epilepsy and autism, customized with unique genetic profiles to treat symptoms like seizures, behavioural issues, and trouble sleeping. Our products remove the guesswork when it comes to choosing safe, reliable treatment options that offer a better quality of life than western medicine. Canniatric is a THc and CBD hemp extraction that is an amazing pediatric and adult CBD and THC tincture oils, that have helped hundreds of kids with epilepsy, autism, ADHA,ADD, Cancer etc… and more underlying medical conditions These tinctures has helped my family and especially my mother with bone and blood cancer through her treatments at Stanford medical cancer center in 2019 to 2020 who is now in remission Cancer free God is amazing this also helps with anxiety, stress, IG, nerve pain, skin and an wonderful mood enhancer just to name a few, this gives quality of life thus far to me and my family to each individual as it helps everyone in different ways. This is why I would recommend Canniatric to YOU.

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Canniatric CBD oil products are designed with healing in mind. This company operates an office in Los Angeles that helps patients find the perfect cannabinoid products for their needs, and the canniatric CBD line helps people all around the country find pure, reliable hemp products that provide the relief they’re looking for.

In addition to CBD tinctures that contain natural, simple ingredients, Canniatric also offers CBD oil products that take advantage of the power of Ayurvedic medicine and the benefits of healing substances like emu oil. Whether you’re on the hunt for a topical or oral CBD product, canniatric offers this non-intoxicating cannabinoid in new, unique ways that may offer unexpected additional benefits.


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  1. Carol B. Edwards

    These products are pure, quality and tested for best QC. My son and I both swear by it.

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