Blue Runtz Strain

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5 reviews for Blue Runtz Strain

  1. Heather B. Winkler

    This strain is absolutely amazing. It is LOUD! It is very strong smelling and it smells like candy in my opinion. It will get you high very quickly. I just can not get enough of the smell. Its so good! It smells just like blueberry, candy, skunky Quality to it. The high is amazing. If I had to guess it would be a hybrid. A nice energized chill. Well work the money. 5 star strain for Sure.

  2. Oliver A. Deloach

    Great blueberry taste on the inhale. Earthy spicy on the exhale. Nice body high. Just bought a quarter ounce, andI’m not disappointed! 👍👍

  3. Mary M. Carrigan

    What a beauty! I feel like it was a little on the sativa side of hybrid, but really perfectly balanced flower. Great morning toke…and afternoon… evening was nice… All without getting droopy eyes. Was fairly productive as well. Good one to write on. Nice sweet citrus taste that lasts through the whole dose. Love it, and would take more of it!

  4. Pauline M. Gaitan

    Umm wow. I’m floating in a cloud of blue runtz. Not only do I have have all sorts of health issues that cause pain and discomfort (which at the moment, I can barely feel), but I have a ridiculously, stupidly, high tolerance…3 hits from the bong and I’m still feeling it pretty strongly, almost 2 hours later. Perfect for a night out or a night of couch-lock. It’s like a magical hybrid, that adjusts to what you need it to do for you, at that moment. My tongue got numb and tingly, by the second hit. Also got kind of giggly and silly at one point. HIGHLY recommend 10/10 😑

  5. Linda D. McCarter

    I really like this strain- it’s very loud and sweet smelling- reminds me of a blueberry lemonade slushy from a 7-11. Very good smoke, very lovely full body high- I feel like I’m floating 🥰🥰

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