Berries (Original Delta 8 runtz gummies)

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6 reviews for Berries (Original Delta 8 runtz gummies)

  1. Jeremy M. Russell

    OH YEAH! I have tried so many THC edibles and tired of wasting money. Heard about these and said last time. Well, these are worth the wait! Fast acting hit in an hour,
    Intense. feel like I smoked, body tingling, head relaxed, just alert enough,
    Tastes good,

  2. Peter D. Neagle

    I got a nice effect with just one. I use them to relax at night. 🙂

  3. David M. Hendershot

    Probably the best flavor of the Delta-8 line and effects are on par with the rest of their line, overall enjoyed as always!

  4. Catherin L. Rice

    I expected it to be overwhelming like the other delta gummies I’ve had but instead it was like a light taste. Melts in your mouth.

  5. Andre R. Fish

    I got tired of using my d9 that kept making me feel off. Ever since switching to this product I’ve been feeling better.

  6. Benjamin A. Hatcher

    These gummies are high quality

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