Banana Mochi Prerolls


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Banana Mochi Prerolls

Banana Mochi Prerolls,With a unique fruity flavour and taste, Banana Mochi creeps on your body. It makes your mind clear, enabling you to perform necessary tasks in a stress-free and relaxed state that is often
succeeded by a deep sleep. Banana Mochi buds have small round and plump jungle-green nugs
covered by yellow-orange filaments, a tiny blue-green coat and crystal clear trichomes. It is the
most beautiful Cannabis strain ever seen.

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The potent THC levels of Banana Mochi give you unrestrained ecstasy after a few hits. At first,
you experience a light-headed feeling, a calm sensation, and then run down from your head to
your toes. It leaves you in an amazing state of inventiveness and relaxation that ends up in a deep


Banana Mochi is among the finest, most potent and recently bred Cannabis strains. This strain’s
high corresponds to its incredible fruity fragrance and flavour and the appealing appearance.
Apart from its recreational purposes, Banana Mochi is useful alleviating of various physical and
mental distresses thanks to this incredible strain!
Take a tolerable amount of Banana Mochi to prevent the undesirable feelings that come along
with weed overuse.

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