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THC syrup, aka cannalean, is currently one of the hottest ways to enjoy marijuana. Syrups are sweet, thick, and potent, making them a great way to add a THC boost to your favourite drink or treat. The highly potent and amazing tasting Cannalean will definitely have you leaning. Each Bottle carries 4 fluid ounces with 250 mg of THC per ounce with a total of 1000 powerful milligrams. It also comes in 3 lip smacking flavors of Cherry, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. Furthermore, this 420 syrup will leave you elevate amazed with its taste and potency . If you were to try anything and into THC infused edibles, this is must try!

Suggest ways of use:

First off, we would suggest dropping a tablespoon of this fire in your favorite drink. Drinking Cannalean with flavored soda over ice is the most popular.  Second, our suggestion would be a light tasting lemonade or soda because the THC syrup is already sweet. Also, you could just take a shot of it like you would with cough syrup. Whatever floats your boat, either way it would you would need to buckle your seatbelt. The activation time is usually anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour.  Ultimately, be cautious with your with your first couple of sessions and use the amount according to your tolerance. Cannalean THC Infused Syrup is not for the THC infused edible novice but if you would like to try or are a pro. Go on right ahead!

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